Larval Salamanders

One of the things that is most wonderful and amazing about amphibians is their multi-stage life cycle. Typically, salamanders and frogs begin life as eggs, then live as water-breathing creatures, then metamorphose into their final adult forms. This process is mysterious and awe-inspiring to me. It’s halfway through summer now and I’ve been enjoying watching many amphibians pass through these life stages. My neighbor’s garden pond contains many larval Ambystoma salamanders (either Jeferson Salamanders or Spotted Salamanders… though probably both). This week I’ve had a great time fishing them out with a net and carefully photographing them.

Here is a simple fact sheet I created from my photographs introducing larval salamanders.

You can download a high resolution pdf file of this fact sheet here: I hold the copyright to this fact sheet and its images. Anyone may use this fact sheet to help spread the word about how awesome salamanders are, as long as I’m given credit and it isn’t altered or changed without my permission. Let me know if you use it, I’d like to know!

salamander larva factsheet

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