Whole Terrain is a unique and fascinating journal published by Antioch University New England. The board of editors accepted and published this piece of mine in their latest issue.

The theme of this issue is “Heresy.” The issue contains art, poetry, and essays about ideas in ecological science and conservation that challenge commonly held, dogmatic commitments. I feel genuinely honored to be published among such a thoughtful and reflective set of environmental practitioners. Anyone interested in this kind of work should visit the Whole terrain Web site and order an issue (or subscribe). Back issues on other deep-thinking themes are available as well.

This is my first comics-formatted publication in a while, so I’m interested in any feedback or response to the piece’s content or method of visual communication.heresy 13heresy 14heresy 15heresy 16heresy 17heresy 18






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6 Responses to Heresies

  1. Eric says:

    Absolutely beautiful, Dave. In my recent years, struggling with trying to connect things that seem so OBVIOUSLY connected to me yet not to others is something I’ve dealt with greatly. I’m often struck at how well put together arguments are on every side of every debate in the scientific and spiritual realms. I find myself listening to one side, agreeing with them, and then listening to another side, and completely agreeing with them (not to mention sides 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.). I often feel very lost in God’s multitude of names, to the point where I feel like I can only reject them all.

    Yet…..something never lets go of me. I’m always drawn back to thinking about it, and often it is very lonely. Reading something like this, though, reminds me that I am not alone in questions and thoughts, and sometimes knowing that is more valuable than knowing answers. I feel that way right now after reading this.

    Soooo thanks, is all I mean to say. Well said.

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  3. Jason H says:

    Dave, this was awesome! And is that supposed to be Scot???

  4. Sam Hawkins says:

    Very nice. You combined 3 of my loves – Theology, Evolution, and Comics. Well done.

  5. winona says:

    Dave! This is lovely!!

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