A picture of me and a pal.

My name is Dave Huth and this blog is mostly about me and what I’m interested in.

I teach visual communication and media arts at Houghton College, in the rural wilds of Western New York state. I specialize in using digital technologies to exchange information about human experiences and discoveries about the world, in order to generate conversation and connection.

I’m skeptical of people within my academic discipline who study communication without spending time communicating about anything! This Web site is an expression of my passion for communicating about natural history and biology.

I’m persuaded that the biophilia hypothesis – a view that human life is not complete without deep connections to natural environments and other living creatures – is foundationally operative in my life. Since childhood I’ve been intellectually fascinated and emotionally inspired by plants and animals living around me. Much of this blog reflects nothing more complicated than the basic joy and excitement I experience encountering and learning about living organisms in and near my home.

My professional training is in visual art and communication, so you’ll see a lot of images here. I use photos, video, and graphic design to express and communicate the aesthetic and scientific truths of what I experience and learn. I’m also a religious person, which some people find incompatible with science. I’m very interested in the ongoing discourse about how scientific and religious ways of thinking cooperate or create conflict within individuals and communities.

You can typically find me hunched over some piece of the world with a camera in my hands.



Visual communication

Building meaning from what we encounter in the world by making images is just about the oldest known human cultural practice. I participate in this long lineage of ancient human activity through photography, videography, and painting. One of my favorite methods is by taking pictures of toads!


Science communication

Science is powerful, helping us answer important questions and cooperate on solutions to serious problems. One of my motivating assumptions is that communicating well should be central to any activity that attempts these goals. I love talking with people about evolution and the natural world, and try to think of ways I might support good communication and education about these topics.

Religion & science

I’m deeply concerned and engaged with ongoing community conversations about how these two astonishing and powerful forces of human activity shape our world. As a person who loves and loathes the good and bad in both science and religion, I want to understand how healthy, flourishing individuals and societies integrate the two.


This is my daughter Gladiola and I in a favorite summer pastime: Creekin'!

These picture of me sitting on the dock with a video camera is  © Kaylan Buteyn, used with permission http://www.kaylanbuteyn.com/
The  photo of me in the creek with my daughter is taken by Lori Huth







3 Responses to About

  1. Russ says:


    Love the photos and the blog. What camera do you use for still shots?


  2. admin says:

    Hi Russ, thanks for commenting! The vast majority of all the stills on this site were shot with a beat up old Canon G7 point and shoot. It has a scratch scuffed into the lens and has taken quite a lot of abuse on my treks through the mud and rain. I often use a flashlight as a sort of cheap off camera “strobe.” I’m honestly amazed at the quality of the macro setting of this compact camera. I’m in the process of upgrading all of my gear but the G7 will always hold a special place in my heart!

    • Russ says:

      Shooting with a scuffed up G7 makes the photos even more impressive! I’ve had a G11 for the past couple of years and it just takes amazing photos. I especially love the landscape setting, the low light function and – like the G7 – the quality of the macro is pretty incredible.

      Keep up the great photos!


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