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October 23

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People say a lot of stuff to me. Click to Play.


We reap what we sow.

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On Paying Attention

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B-roll, redux.

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Many kind folks have asked me why my vlog output has slowed down lately. I decided that my first video back to picking up the pace could be a bit of explanation. Thanks to everyone who has been encouraging me to get back in the swing of things. Especially Jay , Josh, Felicia, Kerry, Sticks, Dad, and a very sweet person named Shelley George. I’m working on it guys!

Carp Caviar: Lament

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A universal cry. And why not for carp? This video is part of something called “Carp Caviar,” an annual videoblogging game hosted by the pointy noggin over at BottomUnion: http://www.bottomunion.com/blog/ Some say it’s about Carp. Some claim Caviar. I say, as with most things, it’s about Life. — Constructed entirely from Creatve Commons licensed photographs from flickr. Check it: http://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/

We Will Fly

I believe it to be true.

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The election is approaching. Things are happening in the world. I have no idea what these people are trying to say to me. Many thanks to the good people at Media Matters.


THANK YOU, APPLE PHOTOBOOTH! Thanks also to Sticks, Dave P., Rich, Ben, Clark, Carolyn, Molly, and Brad who cheered us on. We just couldn’t stop.

“A person who performs the same action repeatedly, expecting each time for the outcome to be different, is hopelessly insane. A person who performs the same action repeatedly, hoping the outcome to be the same, is religiously content. Ritual is how we practice being who we want to be.” Sub,itted to Anthony’s “Conversation God” project.

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